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Good books as therapy?

Source: Good books as therapy?

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Personal Mission Statement

Some people are lucky. They know what they want to do from the moment they hit middle school, maybe even sooner. But not me.

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My $.02 on Gravity Payments 70K Minimum Salary

I first heard about this story in late July by reading this NY Times article. I also decided to read this article in Forbes, this one in Entrepreneur, and this … Continue reading

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Learn to be an Exceptional Peer Coach

4 steps to increasing your peer coaching effectiveness.

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Going beyond transactional relationships

It is surprisingly, achingly, difficult to push past the transactional in our relationships, and into the transcendent. Yet we must try.

June 15, 2015 · 1 Comment

Convincing Others to Set Goals

Ever met someone who doesn’t set goals? Here’s a couple answers for common reasons people give for not setting goals.

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