Metacognition – or The Very First Post

I first began this adult phase when I discovered, or perhaps appropriated, the verb “embrace” approximately midway through the year.  It applies to a whole host of things that I can try to chip away at, but for the most part can’t change.  For example, it is becoming cold out, last night was the first frost.  In this case, it would be wise to “embrace” winter.  It’s coming whether I am ready for it or not.  To this end, another wise move would be to buy a sweater, or many sweaters.

Another example of this accepting state of life is my realization and acceptance of my both pragmatic and reflective nature.  Try as I might, I find that life functions better when I have periods of solitude interspersed with wild parties and dancing.

Finally, what prompts this blog is the discovery of metacognition.  I suppose if you had asked me if I previously knew it, I would have replied yes, after you explained it to me in painstaking detail.  However, now that I understand the idea and use of it, I would like to try and incorporate it into my slowly changing life.  After all, Adults change too, they just do it a lot more imperceptibly than Children.

I began to discover it earlier this year, in March when I was prompted by a self-help book, to keep a journal on all of my eating and the reasons why I eat.  I lasted about three weeks of doing this before I decided that ignorance was bliss.  That exercise was the last link in a long chain of steps toward discovering metacognition however.

I am an adult now, and as such I believe I have an obligation to recognize that I have foibles.  That I do not have the only way of solving a problem firmly in hand, and that I can and do get on other people’s nerves.

That said, today I realized that I operate under the assumption that “Life is short, Eat dessert first.”  I do, and many times I eat that dessert early and often.  Literally, as in the case of brownies today at work, and figuratively, as spending twenty minutes earlier in the fluffy confection that is facebook rather than serious study.

The problem with this is twofold.  The body (and mind) doesn’t run very well on dessert all the time for one thing.  Fatigue is rampant and irritability surprisingly common.  The other is that when you eat dessert first, there is nothing to look forward to but the ruined taste of succulent spinach and crunchy walnuts.  The sugar and sweets have corrupted your taste buds for what is a better meal, leaving you the poorer and more dissatisfied.

Thus, today having realized this, I will attempt to put my dinner back before my dessert.


Author: Beth M

I love new ideas & information, connecting people, and discovering New England adventures.

1 thought on “Metacognition – or The Very First Post”

  1. I like the new blog – and thanks for the link-love!

    I like the metaphor of “dessert first” as applied to facebook/procrastination. Actually, I don’t like it, because I’m prone to facebook/procrastination. Nevertheless, it’s a necessary challenge!

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