Life Autonomy and the Pursuit of Hospitality

Nothing comes easily, though some things come naturally.

I just made up that aphorism, or at least, I didn’t Google it first.  Along with my New Years Resolutions to drink more, hang up my clothes when I come home from work, and caretake, I have added to my resolves the at times bewildering task of pursuing hospitality.

It comes from a long tradition of realizing that life is lived better with intention, goal setting, and clearly articulated mission statements.  Though these things are forgotten at times, and I have to come back around to them after neglecting these healthy thoughts in favor of junk food single serving gratification, inevitably I do.

Pursuing hospitality can mean spending money, but also valuable time.  It can mean cleaning out the large tupperware container at my house containing diamond hard marshmallows and making a list of things to put into a “Let’s have a fire at my house” box.  It can mean reminding myself to get birthday gifts, write cards, and shop for others.  It is remembering to send a card, ask to participate in someone’s favorite activity, which may certainly not be mine.  It may mean all of these things being forefront at my mind, at times when I want nothing else but to do only what I want.  How difficult!  How hard.

But the payoff is big, and the first fire of the year at my house was a success, and the third journey to Dogtown was a success, and the first trip to Beverly’s Dick and June’s for a wonderful Banana Chocolate froyo was a success as well.  And all of these activities counted toward pursuing hospitality.


Author: Beth M

I love new ideas & information, connecting people, and discovering New England adventures.

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