Your Love is my Drug

When I have other things that I’m supposed to do, I find myself setting goals in manageable areas.  It seems to be a rule of activities in general, that the ‘lamer’ they are, the more verbal uproar you must make to justify their perpetuation.  The less complex they are, the more they are surrounded by mystery and commentary.  The sillier they are, the more you must cram your heart and soul into talking about them.

I am supposed to be planning my wedding.  Wedding planning is paradoxical as the more time you spend planning, the more there is to do.  To divert myself I have therefore declared the *cue cymbals and trumpets*


This is the gingersnap frozen yogurt at Dick and June’s of Beverly.  They are currently in their 42nd year in operation (May hours 11-9).  Dick and June have a fairly substantial list of frozen yogurt.  It may even trump their list of actual ice cream flavors.  I’m sure you can probably combine some of the flavors to make new and delicious ones as well.  However, with a daunting list before me, including some scary flavors (granola, really Dick and June?) I think I will have my work cut out for me.  Even without repeating the nofat/lowfat versions it’s a large undertaking.  Having downed four cones now though with no noticeable weight gain in a 10 days stretch (thank you bike commuting!) I feel I must make a strategy for the rest of the summer.  And a punch card.  And to find out when the least busy time of the day to get frozen yogurt is so I can strike up a friendship with Dick and June and develop my own flavor named after me!

Perhaps planning to eat frozen yogurt will turn out to be a paradoxical activity as well.  Bigger and Better, as they say, Bigger and Better.


Author: Beth M

I love new ideas & information, connecting people, and discovering New England adventures.

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