Another Type of Breakfast Club

Gloucester Harbor

I enjoyed analyzing The Breakfast Club movie in an earlier post, but I also enjoy breakfast as an integral part of my morning routine.  Elevating routine to sacred ritual is even more exciting however, which is why I try to get out somewhere for some eggs and/or pancakes at least once a month.  Additionally, breakfast seems to be the cheapest way of getting together with friends and sharing more mundane conversation in a lazy Saturday Sunday kind of way.

Now, if I tried to list off every breakfast place on the North Shore, or even just in Beverly and Salem, that has a decent sized following, this post would be pages long, and more epic poem than the haiku for which I’m suited.   If you’re looking for a good post on diners of the North Shore, this isn’t it.  In fact, that’s been done, and done well, by the North Shore magazine.

After I saw the beautiful Gloucester Harbor yesterday, I waited in line at Sugar Magnolia’s of Gloucester for 30 minutes this morning with about 30 other people, including two hipsters with their Kindles (or perhaps Nooks?) before taking my name off the waiting list.

Sugar Magnolias in Gloucester
Hipsters with Kindles

I’m sad that I’ll have to wait a little while longer (until I have the fortitude to wake up at 7am in order to get my Carrot Cake pancakes.) The beautiful drive down 127, possibly the North Shore’s most beautiful road, led me to the Beach Street Café in Manchester-by-the-Sea.  Here I was served some fairly scrumptious pumpkin pancakes and surprisingly, well brewed coffee, which has not always been my experience there in the past.

Beach Street Cafe in Manchester by the Sea

On my way home, I remembered to take a picture of a place I just noticed in Salem that I want to check out, Dotty and Ray’s.  It’s on North Street, with a gas station next door and across the street, but in truth, it’s the awning that’s calling me there.  With all luck, I’ll be sampling their coffee, eating pancakes, and enjoying life there sometime in June.

Dotty and Rays. Salem, MA.

//end note: Sad thing is, although I can certainly list off about 20 breakfast places I’ve been to multiple times and like on the North Shore,  I can’t say any of them are my “favorite.”  I guess then, the reason I keep looking for new places is that I’m looking for some sort of “Breakfast Charming” to come and sweep me away once and for all.  Someday my perfect toast will come.


Author: Beth M

I love new ideas & information, connecting people, and discovering New England adventures.

1 thought on “Another Type of Breakfast Club”

  1. Once you do find a favorite, I’d love to know. I’m on my way to the North Shore in a few months (for permanent residency) and unlike most people I’m a true morning person and will need a place to frequent. Diner reviews are fine, but I’d rather read an interesting post from someone who is there for more than just the food.

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