Late Summer on Nahant

There are times when the entirety of Nahant feels like a secret space.  In my nearly four years here I’ve been on the peninsula about 10 times.  That’s averaging about 2.5 times per year, which sounds right, since I’ve made it three times this year so far.

Saturday I was given a grand tour by a coworker who grew up there, and still lives a stone’s throw away from his childhood home.  (Side note: Because so many people I know are transplants to the North Shore, I really admire townies here, but am often baffled by their question of, “So are you from around here?”  Hudson, Ma. really isn’t that far away, but it can seem like it in response to this question.)

I got a driving tour past the house where FDR’s daughter was married:

On the same street as the set for a horror movie from the 80’s, the site of the first tennis match played in the United States, and around the corner from the house of Fidelity bigwig.

After our drive around the island we ended up at the Heritage Trail Nahant Open Space area, which has remnants of World War Two era bunkers built into the side of a small hill. (Nahant is surprisingly hilly.)  Along this tiny park you can also see beautiful views of boats, and gaze lovingly into your husband’s eyes at a small gazebo.  Perhaps that’s just me though.

Lastly, one last thing Nahant has that’s pretty spectacular is views of Boston. It may not rival Marblehead or Salem for historicity, or Beverly Farms for mansions or Lynn for cultural diversity, but is does have a gorgeous outlook.


Author: Beth M

I love new ideas & information, connecting people, and discovering New England adventures.

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