Magical Marblehead

A tour through the Marblehead Arts Association’s King Hooper Mansion.


I’m in love with Marblehead.  Well, perhaps adulation is the more proper term.  Whereas Salem contains pockets of urban detritus it is easy to stumble across, even the shabbier parts of Marblehead are like a decaying fairytale.  This explains why I venture there every two months or so, wander into the miniscule boutiques, bookshops, and gawk at the artfully restored Marblehead houses.  Yet, once I’m on 114 it’s as though a glamour slips over my eyes and I forget how quaint, charming, picturesque, and enchanting the place is.  Yes, like a fairy tale.

This time, I had gone with the intent of seeing the Frost Folk Art museum, neglecting to notice that’s it’s closed at the end of October.  So after wandering around downtown in search of something else to see, I found myself drawn into the Marblehead Arts Association.

Inside the restored King Hooper Mansion are three floors of artwork by local artists.

I was excited to see collages, which I have lately been thinking about and collecting materials for making.

Emerging Artist Eshibit: Aaron Berger: Cartography

A few other highlights for me were the nude paintings on the top floor.  (A reminder that painting reflects the interior of the artists head as much as the model.)

The antique tile work around the fireplace on the first floor depicting Biblical scenes.

The gift shop with some crafts from local artisans.  The FiberArt Mobiles by Sandra Golbert were of particular interest to me.  The below is an image of her work from her website.

Hand-dyed silk mobile by Sandra Golbert

For a complete listing of the current art exhibits and classes, be sure to check out the Marblehead Arts Association website.  Also, I would happy to visit it again with anyone who wants to go!

Author: Beth M

I love new ideas & information, connecting people, and discovering New England adventures.

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