Keeping Warm with the Arts

Holiday Craft Fairs, the Beverly Art walk, and Felted Sweaters Galore.


As the weather is finally getting nippier, it’s also getting fantastic-er.  With what you may ask?  The Beverly Art Walk!

I remember having a conversation in 2009 as I returned from the Salem Film Fest with a friend that while Salem has tons of history and tourist attractions, Beverly had an art college.  It was just that… the city was wasting it’s jewels by keeping them locked up all the time.

Apparently not anymore.  This weekend brought a slew of Art related events in Beverly.

The Beverly Art Walk with 15 possible stops showcasing tons of Montserrat student art, as well as plenty of other artists in restaurants, cafe’s, and galleries.

In addition to that, the Porter Mill Studio had it’s first, and they dare to say, annual Holiday Open House.  Here’s hoping this is very true, especially since I was working, and could not make it.  Alas. Their pictures from blogspot made me so curious, but I will have to stow my curiously until a later date.

Porter Mill Studios in Beverly

Finally, my stop at the Montserrat Holiday Sale brought me to the brink of buying a concrete cupcake which looked delicious enough to devour… only to turn out my pockets and realize I was cashless.  Sad Sad Day.  I would have enjoyed having that confectionary in the middle of my table.  Even worse,I have no pictures of it.  You’ll have to imagine a very heavy, stiff pink frosting-ed cupcake like something your punk rock best friend would have made you.

I’m loving late November and early December for it’s strong focus on local arts and crafts.  Every weekend there’s a craft fair in sight, and it’s beautiful to be able to see the inside of others’ brains laid out on a table.   Don’t miss out this season on what others have to offer, especially as you might be inspired to make something yourself.

I certainly have been, happily turning wornout, no-elbowed sweaters I have into an approximation of these bird ornaments.

Felted Birds via

Author: Beth M

I love new ideas & information, connecting people, and discovering New England adventures.

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