A MetroWest Suprise

Thought there was nothing good west of Weston? The Coffee Loft in Marlborough delivers warm coffee and wonderful Art for the MetroWest.


My hometown of Hudson, MA is only about an hour from Salem, but I don’t make it down there much more often than once a month.  You get used to living near the ocean after a while, make new habits and new friends.

But, a very close friend of mine drew me down to Marlborough for the day on Wednesday and she was oh-so-proud to show me a brand new coffee shop she’d discovered.  I was surprised and a little skeptical.   One reason I chose not to live in the Metrowest was the lack of coffee shops, cafés, restaurants, art galleries, community events, and mansions. (It’s no Beverly Farms or Marblehead).  But, this coffee shop was very hip and beautiful, definitely a reason to be proud.

So I’m equally proud to introduce you to the Coffee Loft on 406 Lincoln Street in Marlborough, Ma.  It combines condos, art studios, art galleries, and a damn fine coffee shop.  It was here where my friend and I sipped piquant lattes and mused on the direction our lives have taken since high school.   Truth be told we’re still very much emerging when it comes to ascertaining our vocation and careers.

 As for Art there, we looked through some of the work on display at the White Rabbit Studios.  The colorful floral painting and mixed media of Elisa Sweig captivated me, and my son especially.

If you ever find yourself in what my friend and I affectionately call “the Boroughs”  (which we named for North-, South-, West-, and Marl-), definitely make a stop off at the Coffee Loft, pass through their wrought iron gate, and enjoy their wonderful beverages and atmosphere.

The Coffee Loft in Marlborough, MA.

Author: Beth M

I love new ideas & information, connecting people, and discovering New England adventures.

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