The Last 2 Weeks of 2011

Well, there are 2 full weeks left of 2011.   The way they stand right now they will be full of celebration, gift giving, trying to fit in a few more “trips” on my list of family excursions, and putting the finishing touches on my New Years Resolutions. How Wonderful!  I love all those things.

Because I want to spend more time brainstorming and less time writing in the upcoming few weeks, I plan to take a short hiatus from writing blog posts.

This break springs out of my 2012 NYR to practice better blogging.  I want to step back and think fully on what this could mean in my blog for next year.   I’m still surprised that this blog has evolved into something that I really love doing.  However, there are 7 other NYR I want to flesh out more fully as well.  You can hear about them in January, when I’ll be interested in reading and hearing about other people’s goals and resolutions as well.

After Christmas I plan to post the 12 days of Christmas Crafts, a few of the things that I found time to make and bake and celebrate during our holidays at the household.  There will even be a showcase of a few things made for us by other people.  Following that, I will resume with what I hope to be a continually evolving blog – both thoughtful and interesting to myself and others.

Merry Christmas!


Author: Beth M

I love new ideas & information, connecting people, and discovering New England adventures.

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