Reading in the New Year

What are the first books I’m reading in the New Year? Nothing cheery I’m afraid.


At our New Year’s party the hostess asked everyone, “How do you visualize time passing?”  A good question to consider, and my answer was – like a tortoise crawling forward into the horizon and never looking back.

Well, the image of that plodding tortoise, scaly feet trodding the earth, is pretty hard to reconcile with the idea of a fresh new page.  Excellent. Because I’m still plodding through Harry Braverman’s 460 page tome on Labor and Monopoly Capital.  The good news, I’m five pages away from finishing.  Sad news, It’s one heck of a depressing book.  Don’t worry, I’ll fill you in later ’cause a lot of his thoughts have to do with some pretty current events and growing up in these turbulent times, that and because misery loves company.

Meanwhile, these are my other reads of the week.

To be honest, they are hardly less depressing than Braverman (who, in fact, looks positively giddy compared to Bill McKibben these days.)  So, I’d take a few suggestions for lighter reading to balance out these more sobering reads.

Author: Beth M

I love new ideas & information, connecting people, and discovering New England adventures.

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