The New Year’s Resolutions

Yes, of course I made New Years Resolutions! Any interest in finding out what they are?


As an incorrigible list maker.  (I think most blogger’s are.) I am also, of course, obsessed with New Year’s Resolutions.  I mentioned a few weeks ago that last year I made over 50 of them for 2011, and that I was in the works of making fewer for 2012.

When I was brainstorming what types of things I wanted to resolve I wrote down dozens of ideas.  Seeing the sorts of things I wanted to accomplish in 2012 written out helped me organize the details into large goals, which could be comprised of smaller objectives reached by various strategies.

You might notice some of the language in the last paragraph that I use to talk about these 8 things: resolutions, accomplishments, goals, objectives, strategies.  I learned a lot of this terminology as a case manager for adults with cognitive disabilities.  Even though I no longer work in that position, I find that language very useful in my day-to-day life as well.

Loosely, I think of resolutions as unperformed actions.  This is my current-self wishing to be a different-self in 12 months. Goals are nearly the same as resolutions, but more theoretical and idealistic.   They are big and broad, whereas objectives are focused.  You might think of objectives as nouns, and following them are strategies behaving as verbs.  My strategies are what will actively turn my objectives into reality.

I know some of my Goals are going to change over the year, and some of the strategies are going to evolve to fit this.  However, here are my goals as I’ve conceived them now.

1. Lose 15 pounds.  (I know, so cliché.) Prior to being pregnant I knew how to eat as a (very) active, single young woman with a job where I stood or moved for approximately 4 -5 hours, and exercised for about an hour a day.  Things have changed in my life as well as with my body in the last year. I’d like to re-learn how to eat and exercise to fit my current lifestyle.  I’d hope this results in a weight loss of 15 pounds.  Some of my strategies for this include finding exercise partners, eating more mindfully, and getting back into the habit of lifting weights 3 times a week consistently.

2.  Have (or Find, or Make) a consistent friend group.  I know a lot of people, and I would consider many of them close friends. However, I also consider a number of them “loose cannons.”  They don’t know each other and hanging out with all of them separately is time consuming (though delightful) “work”.  I’d like to merge some of my friendships, and I’d like to (counterintuitively) see less people more often.  I am least sure of how to accomplish this goal, and would love advice!  I think a way of doing this would be to invite more people over, or start more recurring activities.

3.  Read 20 Difficult Books.  One of my side projects is this blog about sociology, which is pretty much just book summaries.  I want to read the ISI list of 100 Sociology Books of the last century in 10 years.  Therefore I’d like to read 10 books from the list this year.  I’d also like to read 10 seminal works in other fields, some of those books you always say, “Oh yeah, It’d be good to read that.”  For example: Wealth of Nations

4. Family First. Now that I’m a mostly stay at home mom a lot of my accomplishments of the week are cooking, chores like grocery shopping and bill paying, caring for my son, and being a good wife.  Three years ago I would have thrown up even thinking that, and writing it just made me gag a little.  But, times change.  I would like to perform these tasks with the most joy possible, and the least complaining.  Doing that is way harder than writing that just was. Some of my strategies for this include: keeping up with documenting our trips and daily activities through photos and tangible mementoes, being thankful for small things, and planning “spontaneous” activities.

5. Practice Better Blogging.  Over the last year I’ve really started to enjoy blogging a lot, so I’d like to get better at it.  First off, I’ve finally figured out that what I have can be called a “lifestyle blog.”  (Who knew? Probably everyone but me.)  I finally figured out what my “niche” was, and now I’d like to focus on writing more on those topics.  I’d also like to write more creatively, humorously, descriptively and of course, regularly. Also, I’d like to find a blogging community with others that write on a fair number of the topics I write about.  Finally – I made a facebook page.

6. Be a Part of my Communities.  I consider myself to be part of several communities; my church family, my friends, and my physical place –  The North Shore.  I would like to spend more time this year strengthening my ties in my communities. I really enjoy my Tuesday morning mom group in Salem already, but I think I could be even more involved in the area through: making a soccer team, volunteering, attending some of the networking events around town like the Salem Wine Women, and the Green Drinks.  I think the other two communities can be strengthened as part of my goal to be a better friend.

7. Improve my Sustainable/Local Living.   In 2011 I stopped composting, but I’d like to start again in 2012.  I’m already a zealous recycler, but I could be doing better.  I’d also like to be part of a CSA, make “real” purchases at small businesses, which are over 25 dollars every month, and simply learning more about “Green” business, technology, and other innovators by reading websites.

8. Grow Spiritually. There’s a couple main parts to this, finding a Christian woman as a mentor or attending a Bible Study, practicing a few spiritual disciplines (prayer, fasting, study) with my husband more regularly, and hopefully discerning a vocation/calling for myself with prayer and study.  (As you may notice from my posts about work, I’m kind of lost in this area.)

That’s about it!  I’m looking forward to tracking my progress on the first of the month each month, and developing in as yet unforeseen ways.  Anyone got any resolutions they want to share?

Author: Beth M

I love new ideas & information, connecting people, and discovering New England adventures.

4 thoughts on “The New Year’s Resolutions”

  1. I think we’re very much alike (and I found the post obviously, haha!!!) I am also a BIG list maker and have several of the same resolutions as you this year <—my list 🙂 I started a private FB group of my friends who also have exercise/weightloss/fitness goals and would love to have you join us if you'd like! Also is your mommy group in Salem open? I've been looking for a good playgroup to join. I go to a weekly Bible study and of course MOPs, but don't really have a solid playgroup to attend.

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