6 Reasons You Could Blog

The post I’m about to write is thoroughly and utterly out of order.  Blogging sages all over the internet would wisely counsel you to examine your motives for blogging before you even type in the url address of a blog platform.  Unfortunately I didn’t get that memo until it was far too late.  They also agree that you should research your niche before you start, build up a stock pile of posts (also before you start), and write posts with titles like “6 Reasons you should blog.”  Or include lots of pictures of cute kittens.

Well, we’re 2 for 5 now.

Most bloggers no doubt blog because it seems “natural” for them to do so for a variety of reasons.  Here are the reasons I blog –

1.  As the act of a “granddaughter.” You know that old phrase,  “grandfathered” in?  That is how I feel about blogging.  I kept a journal as a kid, then when I was 16  and had steady access to the internet I had a blog at Diaryland.  I moved to Xanga then Livejournal then Blogger.  Somehow, I managed to end up here at WordPress.

2. As a way to recall what I’ve done, and things that I’ve read, while at the same time processing and connecting the arc of thought-action-memory.  On some days I see this blog as pulling a fragmented life into a whole.  On other days I see it as compartmentalizing a jumble of connected sensory experiences.

3.  As an act of creativity.  I take this several ways.  It is creative license to string words together, to choose verbs and nouns from the dictionary.  In another sense it is creation to combine disparate things into an integrated space – consider interior decorating as a similar act of creativity.  Finally, it portrays life itself as an act of creativity since (lifestyle) blogging can really only reflect life already tasted.

4. As an act of community.  Even though right now I feel like I have a very small blogging community around me (I sometime miss those old blogging platforms like xanga), it is still my way of seeing how other people think and move, in a different way than viewing them in 3D life, or reading the newspaper.

5. Because my most important heroes were both writers and doers and journallers.  The people that I most admire were (and in some cases are) reflective enough to journal, committed to writing about their thoughts, and then, participating in shaping the world around them in both action and written word.

  1. Finally.  I enjoy the statistics graph on WordPress a great deal.

Are any of these the reasons you blog?


Author: Beth M

I love new ideas & information, connecting people, and discovering New England adventures.

5 thoughts on “6 Reasons You Could Blog”

  1. The first 5, for sure. I don’t think blogger has a cool statistics graph! 😦

    I’ve been thinking about this a lot. The other day I had a conversation with Brian basically asking “why on earth do I keep doing this?” “who am I talking to?” “is this worth my time?”…perhaps the jury is still out, but I do find that many people are inspired by my blog in some way. And I love keeping the memories…and it keeps me accountable to keep making things, being creative. And I just love it. So, I guess I’ll probably keep doing it. for now.

    1. I certainly think about that “is it worth the time” question a bit. and my answer right now is, I’m still learning while doing it, and it’s not standing in the way of something that I feel is more important (like family or a calling), and it’s a useful way to process some thoughts i have, and not entirely selfish… So I’ll continue doing it for the forseeable future. but yes, there might be a day that it all comes to an end, and it’s just a nice project to look back on. For now, we’ll both keep it up!

  2. The statistics graph is a beautiful work of evil. I swear I’ve become increasingly egotistical about leorningcnihtes boc ever since they added that little graphic in the top toolbar.

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