A Super Soup Swap

So far this winter is like the November that never ends.  It’s blustery, then rainy; cool one day, reminiscent of fall (or spring) the next.  There is little in the way of waking up with a magical muffling snowfall creating iridescent patches of secret space.   I miss my New England right of complaining about winter snow, so I fall back on merely griping about the inconstant weather.

However, it turns out only a little whining is good for the soul, or (well, technically, actually, honestly, really) none.  Instead, according to the Italian proverb printed on the back of my favorite packaged soup, “ “Sette cose fa la zuppa” which translates to “Soup does seven things.  It relieves your hunger, quenches your thirst, fills your stomach, cleans your teeth, makes you sleep, helps you digest and colors your cheeks.””  What could be the only answer to this?

To have a Soup Swap.

Soup swaps turn out to be a popular winter pastime (almost as popular as mustache parties, but alas, I have yet to attend one of those).  There is even a National Soup Swap Day.  So, with the desire for a quenched thirst I invited over 12 or so friends in the anticipation of a delightful even.

On the day of the swap, 7 women attended, bringing 13 different types of soup spanning cuisines from Mexico, to India, to Italy.  11 were vegetarian, with a total of 5 different types of beans, and 2 different types of lentils used.  Happily, we all seemed to agree that spicy soup is the spice of life, and 4 soups were thus titled, and “curry” implying it in others.

There’s a good half dozen ways to swap soup at these types of events, but we listed all of our soups on a board and then went in a circle choosing a container (1 qt) each time. I ended up with five different soups. If the measure of success if delicious soup, new recipes, and a great evening with friends, then a success it was.  I would definitely host a swap again.

One surprise I ended up with was that few people at my party knew one another.  Actually, this happens to me frequently, so it wasn’t a large surprise.  My best hypothesis is that it comes from my persistent habit of making one or two new friends from each activity or job or college that I try, but I fail to integrate my new friends with my old friends, or simply move on to new activities too rapidly.  However, it did make for some very interesting conversations about art therapy, the MBTA, and church plants.


Author: Beth M

I love new ideas & information, connecting people, and discovering New England adventures.

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