Progress in January

Interested in seeing how I’m doing with my New Years Resolutions? This post is all about my progress in completing my 2012 resolutions.


Here are my goals, and what I did toward accomplishing them.

1. Lose 15 pounds.  True story, I lost no weight, despite my moderate efforts.  Part of this could have been Christmas cookies lingering around until January 10, another element could be the sedentary life I live (“sat”, but true, haha.) gives less wiggle room for those cookies.  The good news, I managed to get enough weight training in to see some reduction of inches, and I’m doing very well with my mini-goal not to eat after 8pm.

2.  Have (or Find, or Make) a consistent friend group.  I think I’ve decided a good solution to this problem (for the time being) is to focus on inviting others to our house more often (say, at least 3 times a month with a hope to increase this). So I had a soup swap. We’re starting another book group.  It’s not perfect yet, but this is the starting point.

3.  Read 20 Difficult Books.  I got distracted finishing up some projects from last year so it wasn’t until the last week in January I started Erving Goffman’s Presentation of Self in Everyday Life, my first classic sociology.  I think I will need to revise this goal to 12 books if I want to actually complete it, especially based on the amount of reading which I’m doing for my grad school class (So far, about 120 pages a week).

4. Family First. I started a folder on my desktop called 2012 Trips, and each week we try and go somewhere new and take pictures while we’re there.  For example, we went to Pennslyvania to visit old college friends!  So wonderful.

There we were at Valley Forge George Washington Memorial Chapel

The Big Apple, Obvi.

I have also started to document some of Ethan’s progress (he learned to whine recently, and he is so close to crawling) every other day as a way to remember these milestones.

5. Practice Better Blogging.  This has been a little difficult since we’re getting spotty internet connection for a few months (until April).  But I’ve been continuing to generate plenty of ideas for posts, even if I haven’t been reaching out to lots of people on other blogs (yet).

6. Be a Part of my Communities.  Lots of beginning success in this category.  I wrote two letters to my representatives (signing up for MassPirg emails really helped), signed up for “Take Them a Meal” programs offered by my church and mom groups, and actually brought a meal too.  I’m looking forward to doing this more in the future.  I also attended the Modern Millie Party, and am looking into joining one of the committees which are listed on the Green Salem website. One thing I want to do in February – switch my voter registration from Hudson to Salem.  Should have been done a long time ago.

7. Improve my Sustainable/Local Living.   I initiated my “Inventory” series in order to take stock of how I’m doing consumption-wise.  You can look at my trash post here. That’s really the only thing I did this month.

8. Grow Spiritually. This month this took the form of the devotional which my husband and I are doing.  It’s by Paul and Virginia Friesen, founders of Home Improvement Ministries. (Laugh a lot, I did).  However, this has helped us to champion how far we’ve come over the (very tumultuous) last year of our lives.  I think giving thanks regularly is always a way to grow spiritually, especially as you give thanks for the tough things that happened too.

So there we go.  Not a bad start to the year overall.

Author: Beth M

I love new ideas & information, connecting people, and discovering New England adventures.

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