Reviewing February Resolutions

Here we are, the modest successes (and yes, some failures) in my New Years Resolutions.

1. Lose 15 pounds – Lots of good news on this front.  I started running again ( a combination of running and walking) and have been more consistent with weight lifting.  I’ve made a verbal commitment to run a 5 mile race in June, and I’m excited about it.  My best health change between January and February was tacking on an average of 15 extra minutes of exercise per day, 6 days per week.  That, and a decreased eating after 8pm at night (most likely) has resulted in the 2.5 pound lost for February.  Woohoo!

2. Find/Make a Friend Group and Be a Better Friend – February was a decent month for friend time, though the last 10 days of the month there was sickness around my house and we didn’t get out much, so it taints the first 19 days.  (Don’t you hate ending on a down note?)  However, we had a party for my husband, I started hanging out with a cool mom I know on Wednesdays, and the plans for a group blog are being started with some friends.  We didn’t have as many people over for dinner as I wanted this month, but hopefully we won’t have so much sickness in March either.

3. Read 15 “Difficult” Books.  I finished Erving Goffman’s book, started a biography of my hero Jane Addams, which I’d love to share some details about in an upcoming blog post.  This wasn’t necessarily a difficult book but it and some essays of hers have been in my reading queue for awhile.

4. Family First – Family time was crazy in February, and really, I think this affected every other goal.  My husband went back to work the second week in February, which has meant readjustment to a schedule without stress from unemployment, but instead from coordinating schedules and fatigue from an earlier morning (5:30 for him, 6:30 for me, rather than our customary 7:30).  We’re definitely working on this, and thankfully, not looking forward to too many more work related upsets in the future. Again though, this was a definite “game-changer” in the way that our lives had been structured before, and there continue to be aftershocks of other change.

After reading the Management Rewired book I realized I wanted to have a family mission statement in order to strive for something inspiring.  It’s an idea we’re batting around now, considering elements of hospitality and growth for example as the predominant ways we want to live our lives and tell our family story.

5. Practice Better Blogging – A friend of mine suggested a group blog and so we are brainstorming how we want to organize and write that.  In the meantime with this blog, we’re having unreliable internet connection.  This was a semi-unforeseen development, and so I’m hoping to post about twice a week.  Without time to peruse the web for more global stories, or the feeling of connectedness that the internet brings, most of my experiences are humble and home-centered and spiritual (as befits a time of Lent-en reflection)

6. Be Part of my Communities – I spent a lot of time in February with my family (including parents, in-laws, grandparents, and siblings) and less time in my local community and church.  In some ways, this is a sad part of modern life that these two circles are separated by 25 to 30 miles, on the other hand, at least we have cars, email, and phones.  Next month, I’d really like to have more of a balance between the two things.

7. Seek out Spiritual Wisdom  – I don’t think I succeeded in this goal at all this month, I’ve been having a hard time spending time reflectively on a consistent basis, and I think if I can master that structure, this goal may come a little easier.  I have been very excited about Lent as a time to reflect, and a time to give up sweets in an effort to build more self-control.

8. Live Sustainably  – In February I took inventory of the ways and that we use water,  and I’ll post that somewhat mundane data in the next couple of days.  Other than that, I have been succeeding at walking downtown more (at least twice a week), rather than driving the all-of-one-mile to downtown Salem.  It’s great to stay out of the car for these quick trips.


Author: Beth M

I love new ideas & information, connecting people, and discovering New England adventures.

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