The March Celebration of Progress

The monthly review of how my New Years Resolutions are being thought and acted upon.


My resolutions have been driving change, small, good change, like thankfulness, and celebration.  I’ve kind of been realizing lately, that although it may be important to strive for authenticity, to search out how to live a life fully integrated and absolutely meaningful, it certainly isn’t always necessary to go to New Zealand and back to do it.  (Been there, done that.)  Sometimes, Salem, and the surrounding towns, are good enough.

That said, here’s how the goals are coming:

1. Lose 15 pounds – I lost two more pounds in March, and have been able to run for 20 minutes at a time two times.   I have been combining mostly walking and running on a treadmill, but I’m looking forward to running outside in April.  I’ve also got a story coming for you all about how running has been in my life for a looong time… and trying to lose weight.

2. Be a Better Friend – In March my husband and I went to three parties, hosted one book club meeting, and I met twice with my blog group.  I saw some faraway friends, planned a movie night, and met a couple new people this month.  Unfortunately, one my my mom groups fell apart.  That is, I think it did, since I didn’t see them all of March.  At this point, I can either decide to join another (brand new group) or attempt to salvage what is left of that group?  I’m not sure yet.   I’m realizing that this goal, which started out as “Make a friend circle” is mostly just about how to be a better friend in general, and what friendship looks like through life transitions like having a baby, getting married, and choosing a more differentiated life path.

3. Read 15 “Difficult” Books.  I’ve been reading Tolstoy’s Kingdom of God is Within You, the book that inspired Ghandi, Jane Addams, and indirectly Martin Luther King Jr.  It’s accusatory, incendiary, and revolutionary, everything you’d expect from a historical figure like Tolstoy.  This is my third difficult book of the year, if I intend to make 15… I’ll have to really step it up in the next 8 months!

4. Family First – Going places and making memories is a big part of what I think a family should do, but we were running into difficulty with things like fatigue, scheduling conflicts, and money woes.  So, my husband and I decided to switch off planning one activity each week which counts as “family time.”  This is an easy way to explore and doesn’t put all the pressure of planning on one person.  We also make an attempt to have events be free and local things, like Salem’s Book Swap a few weeks ago, and Winter Island on beautiful March evenings.

5. Practice Better Blogging – A bit of a dud in March, it continued to be really difficult to post with internet time limited to less than two hours each week.  I’m looking forward to resuming a more “full” schedule in April.  I’m also getting more and more excited about the collaboration going on for my group blog and our launch date sometime in June.

6. Be Part of my Communities – Big plusses in this area with my quest to pick up more trash off the streets, attend more church events (like our Square Dance!) as well as make a meal for a new mother.  As for being part of Salem, I visited the museum twice, made quite a number of purchases downtown (like at Mud Puddle Toys – purchasing some cars for Ethan).

I’m considering joining the Wicked Running Club in Salem this month… but we’ll see if I can run 30 minutes at a time, that’s my goal for an entry point!

7. Seek out Spiritual Wisdom  – This month I began reading Francis De Sales’ spiritual classic “Introduction to the Devout Life.”  deSales says that the devout life is the sweetest life one can live, and his book is a combination of tips and meditations.  I also joined a Bible Study which I plan to attend for the next ten weeks, at which point, I’m hoping to find a spiritual director.

8. Live Sustainably  – In March I tracked where we drove our car and what trips we took, and I’ll post that data another day.  I also SUCCESSFULLY cooked my first beans that didn’t taste awful.  If you remember, this was something I wanted to try in January, but I somehow managed to create an awful-tasting mess. Twice.  Not so in March, I purchased some Adzuki beans (which are quick cooking), and made a quinoa, bean, broccoli salad.   Success.  Oh… And we started using cloth diapers two to three times a day, talk about a successful month!

Author: Beth M

I love new ideas & information, connecting people, and discovering New England adventures.

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