mARTch madness: 5 Things I did for the love of Art in March

If you didn’t know, March was National Crafts Month, and I participated by attempting at least a few of the items on Good Magazine’s 30 days of Good list.  In March, the theme was “Art Everyday.”

You can view their full list of items for March here, or if you’re interested in knowing more about their 30 Days of Good project, you can look here for some of their blog entries.  I never manage to do each of their daily suggestions, but I love to see what they’ve come up with over there.

Ever since I started being a part-time Stay At Home Mom I’ve realized I have so much more time to cook and to be crafty.  Although I like these things, they always took a back burner to spending time with friends, or reading before.  Now I have time for all these things.

There are 5 Things I did on the Good Challenge list (actually 7, but I’ll highlight those other two on Saturday), and here they are.

1. I explored a new gallery I hadn’t previously visited.  In Peabody on Foster Street is the Peabody ARC Works which highlights art pieces from artists both disabled and non-disabled.  It is located in a caning studio (who knew such things existed? not me!) and they employ the most friendly staff that I have ever met.  I first heard about the gallery on the Salem Patch, when I read a blog post written by Merritt Kirkpatrick the director at the ARC Works about the show they were doing about chairs.  I went twice to the gallery in March, as they changed their exhibit and are now showing handcrafts.   Each time I went I had a half hour conversation with a different employee about Art, Salem, Crafts, and surprisingly MSPCA Zoos.  Here are a few of the things you can look forward to seeing there if you go:

2. I learned about Photographer Jerry Uelsmann when I went to the Peabody Essex Museum and saw some of his beautiful photographs and prints, which are not your everyday flowers and trees, that’s for sure. (Yes, that’s a hamburger)

3. I purchased an accordian-type file in order to keep paper for collage-ing.  I’ve made two now this year, and I think this is something I’ll do more of in the future.

4. I took a photograph. Okay, okay, I take a lot of photographs.  But I liked this one I took at Winter Island.   The old building looks both creepy and majestic at the same time, and is slightly washed out, giving it an ethereal look, something dusk really does convey.

5. I attended a show by local comedy artist collaborative BrainFox at the Gulu Gulu.  They premiered two of their short videos, and had three stand up comics, and made plenty of wisecracks inbetween stand up routines.  It made for a fabulous date night for me and my husband, and we even won a gift card to the Gulu Gulu, so, we can out waaay ahead.

The Brain Fox Team

There were plenty of things on the list I didn’t do, but just because March is over, doesn’t mean I won’t find time to do them, such as make homemade cards, sketch the best part of the day, and possibly even sign up for an art class (probably at the ARC Works, now that I know about it!).  Be sure to find a little time to add some art to your life too.


Author: Beth M

I love new ideas & information, connecting people, and discovering New England adventures.

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