Thrifting for a Good Cause

There are a lot of reasons I’m a fan of thrifting: the thrill of the hunt, the one-of-kind finds, and the environmental friendliness are just the top of the dollar-deal bin.  Salem has plenty of thrift stores from women’s fashions like Modern Millie and Re-find, to antiques and furniture at Witch City Consignment.

Then there’s the Lifebridge Thrift Shop.  You might have known them as “that thrift store in the old church” next to Steve’s Quality Market.   The days of that moniker are history, as they’ve moved on to bigger, brighter, and better things.

On April 2, they opened up at a new location at 47 Canal Street and the difference between the two stores starts the moment you walk in the new, non-cracked door.  Before, browsing in the aisles with one other person meant you were in each others back pockets.   Now there is space to crawl around ( if you’re a 10 month old) and push a stroller if you’re the parent.

Lifebridge, like any non-profit thrift store, is a hodge-podge of the high-end, collectible, and downright junk.  I’ve had the most success finding decent furniture, books, and home goods.  Think vintage Pyrex Bowls with pretty patterns like these.

So far sorting through their clothing (despite labels like H&M, Ann Taylor Loft, and Banana Republic) hasn’t yielded much in my size.  Although, in the old store it was too much work squeezing between the racks to try hunting for much, so maybe this will change as I spend more time browsing in their new store.  The one downside – so far they don’t have a dressing room, but maybe that will change now that they have more space.

The Good Cause of Lifebridge is their mission to end homelessness on the North Shore in Salem.  They provide meals, counseling, emergency shelter beds and case management.  Even spending just $10 in their store will provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner for one (or more) of their clients.  They welcome both donations (of goods), and volunteer hours to prepare meals or work in the store. Any questions? You can check out their webpage here.

Meanwhile, you’ll find me hunting for good deals there at least once a week.

PS: If you love to thrift, especially on the North Shore, do you know about this webpage listing ALL the thrift stores!


Author: Beth M

I love new ideas & information, connecting people, and discovering New England adventures.

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