Planting the Seeds: Making a Container Garden with my Kid

I signed up for a CSA this year from Farmer Dave‘s in Dracut.  I’m excited about the prospects of fresh and unusual veggies from June 11 to October 22 filling our fridge to abundance.  However, since the farm is farther away I won’t be driving out to volunteer help with weeding, or get the satisfaction of seeing the veggies ripen and grow.  So, I decided to do the next best thing and plant some container gardens.

This is something I’ve tried in the past and been less than successful with.  (Read: I left them out in a thunderstorm and half the dirt was violently thrown from the pot.  Any remaining plants, I subsequently forgot to water.  Oops.) I decided to get really really basic (and vow not to be so careless).  I bought lettuces.  Against my better judgement, after I bought these seeds I also saw these cute little herbs “guaranteed to grow” in the Target $1 bins and made an impulsive purchase.  I haven’t had success with herbs in the past, but hope springs eternal each time I plant a new seeds! Ha.



I also wanted to make the whole thing into a fun DIY craft project for Ethan, my son, and I, so I got out some acrylic paints to make a few designs on the containers.  I put the paints onto an old styrofoam tray thinking that since Ethan likes to brush his cheerios (and squash, and cereal, and bananas…) around on the high chair tray he would want to brush his hands in the paint, and then I could gently guide him toward making cute finger and hand prints on the containers.

The first part of that worked wonderfully.  But when I tried to “gently guide” his hands, he screamed bloody murder.  He continued screaming as I tried to clean him up with the water in the blue bucket.  He finally calmed down after I let him play with the water, and eat grass and rocks.  Just kidding!  (But only about the rocks part.)

I still think this is a good idea for a craft with kids, but I will probably have more success next year when he’s two.

Meanwhile, I put the dirt into the container gardens, and let him throw as much out of it as he wanted.  After he got tired of it, I put the lettuce seeds into the pots, watered them, and set them in the sun.  We’ll see what happens!

I realize it’s a bit of stretch to call three (and a half) pots a “garden” but it makes me feel like a champion.  Also, as my friend once told me, you can always call gardening “micro-farming” if you need a real ego-boost.

So far the Basil is really outstripping the Parsley… let’s see what happens in the long run.



Author: Beth M

I love new ideas & information, connecting people, and discovering New England adventures.

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