Have you forgotten about your New Year’s Resolutions?

I haven’t forgotten mine!  Here’s how I’ve been working toward them.

Lose 15 Pounds – After pretty much forgoing sweets for Lent, I spent a week of eating Easter candy daily (but not to a ridiculous extent, merely frequently), had two delicious Easter dinners, and celebrated my birthday decadently.  All this added up to a one pound gain the first two weeks, followed (thankfully) by a one pound loss the next two.  So, in the end I broke even. Yet, I’m fully able to run between 25-30 minutes consistently, and I started lifting 10-12 pounds weights instead of the 6-8 pound weights due to the wonderful encouragement of reading this blog about fitness and health.  This is progress, and I like it!  I also finally signed up to run my first race, I’m nervous and excited.

Be a better friend – Even though one of my mom groups sputtered out, I have cemented other mom-connections I’ve made in the last two or three months with enjoyable trips to the movies, beach, and library. I think I’m on solid footing in this regard, and it makes me happy.  I continue to spend the majority of my free time with my sister, or in-laws, and I love that… but I realized I’ve sort of been letting “girls night out” lag.

This is one of the goals I made this year that was most open-ended.   That is, I had no idea how I wanted it to look at the end of the year.  I just knew I wanted to, paradoxically, see less people more often.  I also knew I wanted to have some friends who actually know what my husband looks like.  Making time for friendships in an area where the idea of a “schedule” can be used for every area of life (work, the gym, church, even your baby!) should let you know a little bit about hectic it is here. I don’t like it, but for now, I have to work with this structure.  And maybe that’s how it is everywhere anyway.  I didn’t expect to learn so much about friendships, but I am learning something new every month.  If you’re searching for some other wisdom about friendships, you could always check out this blog too.

Read 15 Difficult Books – I’m plugging through City of God with my little reading group, and we’re making (decent) progress, but that’s the only “difficult” book I’ve even read a little of this month.  I’ve still got hope that I may end up finishing the list of 15 difficult books I made by the end of this year, but we’ll see.  I think I need to carve out some time daily where I absolutely read, rather than letting it fall in where it can!

Family First – Between celebrating my birthday, Easter, and our weekly trips this was a really easy goal this month (even if it derailed my weight loss, it built good memories)  I could be better at calling my mother though!  I also was impressed with another mom friend who told me about her mother’s practice of keeping a “family history scrapbook.” I’ve been trying to write down more of Ethan’s developmental milestones every few days, which is working well, but I like the idea of a visual record too.  I’m going to have to toy around with this idea a little longer (and maybe spend some time on Pinterest) before I know what I want to do.

Silly faces at Pawtuckaway State Park in Raymond, NH
Not what I meant by "Family History" by I love looking at well presented family trees!

Practice Better Blogging – You might have noticed a few cool things around here.  First that I changed the template for my blog.  Next, that I finally managed to stick to a schedule.  Sticking to the schedule is for my own benefit more than for anyone else.  With lots of ideas, I can sometimes get overwhelmed, leading to less posts overall.  However, now I use the iCal to schedule my posts, and keep a Word document of ideas I’m mulling over. I can’t cover even everything that relates to my topics, but I can create an atmosphere of success for myself this way.

Be An Active part of my Communities – This month I volunteered to help with registration at my church VBS for the summer.  This will involve a couple hours of time from now until July.  I wanted to volunteer at Lifebridge, but unfortunately, our needs and schedules don’t match up.  I’m realizing right now, unless it’s for my church, the way that I want to volunteer in my communities right now are mostly one time events.  That’s fine!  Now that I know what kind of a volunteer I want to me, maybe I will have better success matching up my desire with some short term projects.  I thought being a stay-at-home mom would yield more time, but in some ways I’m limited by my son’s naps and other needs.  That was a surprising revelation to me that it’s taken me almost a year to learn.

Improve my Sustainable Living – Probably the biggest success of the month, I signed up for my CSA for the summer.  There’s a lot of ways to be sustainable when it comes to money, but I’ll get into that a little more in a couple days.  April was the month where I took some time to inventory my money.

Grow Spiritually – I’ve been attending a weekly prayer meeting at my church, which has been insightful and useful to me in a different way than Bible Studies or sermons.  Lots of times prayer can be a private activity, but because in the meeting we pray out loud, in this case it’s a more public activity.  I’ve been learning to use the Psalms for a prayer structure, and to follow up on the things that we’ve prayed for as a group.  Both of these are great lessons in spiritual life.


Author: Beth M

I love new ideas & information, connecting people, and discovering New England adventures.

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