Our Worst Parenting Mistake Yet

I just found out about the swaggering “humblebrag” on Monday, but NPR says it was nearly 2011’s word-of-the-year. For those of you who are also off the bandwagon of pop-culture (like myself), a humblebrag is an attempt to flaunt some achievement of yours in self-deprecating terms.

For example, a riff of this goes like –  “Oh no! I’m so embarrassed that Time  Magazine misspelled my name in their cover story about my solution to the Palestinian-Israeli debate.”  For plenty more true examples (and I hate to point this out, but also misinterpretations of the definition) you can head to Twitter.

Which leads me in to my post for the day.

Our 1-year-child can’t drink from the bottle himself yet, because we’re always cuddling him as he drinks.  This is definitely our worst parenting mistake so far.

An informal survey of one other friend  laid my fears to rest –  this is something other new parents do too. Truth be told, of course – if this is our worst mistake yet – we’re probably doing a really good job.  (That’s the brag part.)

Why isn’t this thing working?

PS. In case you think I’m serious about any of this – the worry or the “this is a mistake” mentality – I’m not.  But he really can’t drink from a bottle yet.  Time to teach an important lesson in motor skills mommy.


Author: Beth M

I love new ideas & information, connecting people, and discovering New England adventures.

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