Farm Share Abundance

I got my first farm share two weeks ago and despite my pompous surety that I would know every vegetable in the box, I didn’t.  Broccoli Raab (or Rapini)?  What the heck is that?  And should I be eating the flowers?

What about this unidentified leafy green?

(It’s Tatsoi! I didn’t even know what that was!)

But a quick tour of other blogs like Relishments helped me to identify some things – such as green garlic – and come up with a good recipe for it, and my turnip greens.

Like, I’m sure, many a farm share newbie I also chose the wrong size share for my husband, baby, and I.  The large is indeed large –  and though we were able to contend with ¾ of the share the first week we had to throw away some arugula and one of the unidentified green leaf bundles.  However, two weeks into this dilemma I’ve figured out two solutions to the abundance farm share problem.

1.  Make and freeze meals. After I checked out Homemade Pantry from the library five weeks ago I realized I have become a little bit of “that mom.”  You know, the one who’s busy making her own condensed cream of mushroom soup and trying to feed her kid turnips.  (He likes them.)

But one thing I haven’t become is someone who likes to cook everyday.  I go on mad cooking sprees baking banana muffins, homemade pizza crust, and lightning fast stirfry’s, but… in between all I want to eat is cheese and crackers.  Unfortunately, that kind of thing makes me feel guilty when there’s two other people in the house.  It feels a little selfish. (Maybe it shouldn’t? I don’t know. And yes, my husband cooks too.  But sometimes… neither of us wants to cook.)  That’s why I’ve decided when I get a little extra ambition, I’m going to make a freeze more meals (such as spinach and rice casserole.  So far I’ve made one with one of our delicious bags of abundant spinach.

2.  Easy and Practical Hospitality.  If you’ve been following along over time and read a few of my resolution updates you’ve seen that I struggle a little with exactly how to put hospitality into practice.  Sometimes the notion can be vague.  But with extra veggies on hand it isn’t.  It’s easy for this to translate into an extra dish for a church potluck or maybe a meal for a friend.  I’m looking forward to other ways I can use the farm share to practice hospitality as the summer (and fall) wear on.  It’s lovely to have something in our life that’s abundant enough to be able to share with others and feels good to be generous.


Author: Beth M

I love new ideas & information, connecting people, and discovering New England adventures.

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