The Easiest Way to Walk in Someone else’s Shoes

I’ve learned that most of my sins are sins of excess and passion.

If I’m upset, I’m quick to blame, and quick to rage, and quick to storm.

The ever-attractive temper tantrum – Not.

Luckily I’m pretty quick to forgive as well… after I’ve launched my fifteen minute lecture of why I’m in the right.

Which is why on my road to growing up I’ve realized it’s invaluable to try and get into someone else’s shoes pretty fast.  And…The fastest way to dissipate anger is to try and see things from someone else’s perspective.  Of course, you’ve got to remember to do that when your emotions are running high.

Which is why I try to make my first reaction – “That Poor…”

“That poor driver, they’re probably late to an appointment.”
“That poor mom, her kids look like they are driving her crazy.”

People aren’t their best when they are tired, busy, stressed, hungry … or any host of other things.  And lets face it… People (you, me, your husband, your kid, your best friend, the cashier in the grocery store) are ALWAYS up against some obstacle.

This method of relating doesn’t absolve others from their responsibility, but it does save me from looking like the asshole that lost her lid because someone else had a good reason for being late.  It gives *me* a few minutes to pull it together and look at all the other colors of what I think is a black and white picture.  And that’s what being an adult is all about.


Author: Beth M

I love new ideas & information, connecting people, and discovering New England adventures.

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