What are your roadblocks to a Sustainable Life?

In light of trying to live more sustainably this year (and ever after… of course)  I’ve been following along with Terra Blu’s weekly prompts sporadically since I discovered them around August.  In response to TerraBlu’s weekly prompt this week

What are the TOP FIVE roadblocks standing in your way of living a more sustainable lifestyle?

1. Money – Wish we could buy a hybrid.  Can’t afford it.  Wish I could only shop at Whole Foods, can’t afford that either.  (And as much as other articles try to tell you it’s not that much more… if its $10 more every week, that’s $520 a year. Which –  let’s be honest for us low-middle class families-  is the difference between going on vacation, or not.  Having money for your next car repair, or not.)

2. Time – I am pretty good at buying things used (this takes time to hunt for on craigslist, and other sources, and wait for the right things to come up), but I stink at putting in the effort to find out which things are produced in the first place with the most ethical considerations.  Although I love my CSA, I will likely never have a large enough garden to supply all of my food needs.  (I could be coaxed into a small one though.)  I also don’t feel as though I have enough time to participate in (much) grassroots organization and lobby my politician – even though I think that is important.
3. Lack of Skills, or ability to barter the Skills I have.  I watched this most recent video from Center for a New American Dream about Sharing.  In it, the Sharey Godmother helps a woman figure out that what she really needs to do is just share what she’s already got.

Unfortunately I often feel like I don’t have much. (That is, no lawnmower, laminator, vacation home.)  I’m also not a yoga instructor, graphic designer, carpenter, or a great cook (though I try.)  I know I have skills and abilities… but I often don’t see how I can fit them in with a society based on more sharing.  I think I would end up taking care of kids all the time. (blech)

4.  A desire to live the American Dream (at least sometimes). I admit it: I would like to vacation in Europe.  More than once.  Sustainable?  Definitely not.  And yes, I would like to have a large house.  It’s a pet fantasy of mine on rainy days in this one bedroom apartment, three person household.

Okay, not as big as the Siegal’s ‘Versailles‘-esque home.

5.  What are the next steps?  Okay, so I’ve got down cloth diapers, those corkscrew-like lightbulbs, and resuseable bags.  I also compost, try to make recycled art with what I’ve got, and pester my friends to come to Salem’s next Textile Drive.  I don’t own a house, so no solar panels for me.  What else can I do?

Our first experiments with cloth diapers around 8 months. (Now we’re old pros)

I also wrote a post in August in Response to: What’s on Your Sustainability Bucket List?


Author: Beth M

I love new ideas & information, connecting people, and discovering New England adventures.

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