Winter Break To Do’s

I took my last final on Tuesday and went straight to the library…

Winter break Books

Winterbreak To-Do’s include:

  1. Read lots of books (see above)
  2. Go to the movies (Pitch Perfect, Anna Karenina, The Impossible… all things I want to see)
  3. Hang out with Becka
  4. Hang out with Ellamy
  5. Make mini collages
  6. Create a Montessori inspired – kid friendly kitchen, coat area, and cleaning station.
  7. Write a kick-ass blog series
  8. Re-line my kitchen drawers
  9. Make DIY large letters, Year in Review, fabric art, trucks hangings *

and so on…

*Basically, I’m gunna craft and read and watch.


Author: Beth M

I love new ideas & information, connecting people, and discovering New England adventures.

2 thoughts on “Winter Break To Do’s”

    1. Yes, definitely. I definitely go in waves thinking “I wasted so much time in the past watching movies!” and then I think “I really just wish I could watch one movie every single day.”

      And yes, lets watch movies. More than one.

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