2013 – As Usual the year started with a List of “To-Dos”

2012 – You were good to us.

Overall, the road was slow and steady, a plodding foot followed by another month after month.  There was joy and beauty in the small things, and for that, I was very grateful.  After all –  in 2011 we were homeless, jobless, changing directions, and sleepless.  So, in 2012 it was a great good thing to welcome all of those items (homes, jobs, purpose, and sleep) back into our life in abundance, mostly.


I settled into this new role as a parent, started grad school, got more involved in my church, started a new blog with friends, and took up running again just to mention a few highlights.

There were a lot of things to list on our Thanksgiving Tree this year.

As I already said in this post – I don’t intend to post as much at All Growing Up this year as I did last year (102 posts!).  I can’t speak for other bloggers – but I am always baffled by how much time it takes to craft and create a post I’m really proud of.  It’s days of ruminating on an idea, then a rough draft, and several others.  Then the frustrating detail work of formatting the whole thing – which I usually half-ass my way through.  (Which is why there aren’t that many pictures on this thing.) I’m completely in awe of those who present such polished work week after week like Domestocrat, Streets of Salem, Relishments – and I know these you are people with full time jobs.  I can only assume that you all have much better time-management skills than I do, and who knows, I might get there one day too.

But of course! I have Resolutions!  (the aforementioned list) And I want to share them desperately – and quite possibly check in on them throughout the year as I see fit. (You will see, there are no blogging resolutions for this space though.)

2013 New Years Resolutions.

  1. Decrease mile time to 9:20/mile – do 25 consecutive pushups, and Get a Running Buddy again! (Donald Miller says – if you want your resolutions to stick – do them with someone else.)
  2. Teach a Sunday School course (about Food! and Eating!) this Fall (also as part of my larger goal to Seek out Public Speaking opportunities.)
  3. Pay off 1/3rd of husband’s student loan.
  4. Eliminate the words “Always” and “Never” and “Should” from my vocabulary (particularly when preceded by the word “you.”)
  5. Memorize one Bible scripture passage per month.
  6. Write a short memoir.  (I’ve wanted to do this for three years now…)
  7. Create at least 52 collages in order to practice more artful living, and recycled art, on an ongoing basis.
First Collage of the Year
First Collage of the Year

And you? Did you resolve anything? (Or are you more of the Word-of-the-Year type person?)

ALSO: I am always charmed by Pinterest ideas – and then put about 5% into practice.  Here is one that I DO plan on doing this year.

Start the Year with an Empty Jar – fill with hopes, prayer, wishes, and blessings.

Author: Beth M

I love new ideas & information, connecting people, and discovering New England adventures.

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