28 Superlatives to Celebrate 28 Years

Yesterday was my birthday.

My husband baked me a nice dessert.


My son surprised me by being totally gung ho about kale chips.


A fair number of people wished me well on facebook, and I also went out to dinner.

And… I created this list of 28 Superlative events of the last year.

  1. Best New Project: Writing on Connect Shore with my friends.
  2. Best Baby Milestone: Even more than walking and dancing – I’ve enjoyed E’s ability to put together words – we had our first “conversation” last week!
  3. Best TV show I started watching: Once upon a Time.
  4. Farthest Trip: Philadelphia, PA – for a friend’s wedding ūüôā
  5. Biggest Time Waste: Checkin’ Facebook, as usual.
  6. Best Life Hack(s): Google Docs
  7. Newest Food I tried: Tatsoi. (So weird!)
  8. Favorite new Go-To recipe: Turnip (yes Turnip!) Stew with Sweet Potatoes and CousCous.
  9. Newest Skill: Crochet-ing!
  10. Best Party: Ryan B.’s Awesome Christmas party (where I won a prize for ugliest sweater (dress.)
  11. Best Grad School Class: Management Theory. (Maybe I should have been a business major all those years ago?)
  12. Smartest Buy: (Tie) Little Seed by Elizabeth Mitchell, and a new-to-us car.
  13. Newest Hero: Activist Abby.  This facebook page totally makes me smile every time I see it pop up in the newsfeed.
  14. Biggest Fail: Trying to take 3 grad classes and work part time this spring.
  15. Newest Friend: My soon to be sister-in-law Wendy R!
  16. Best blogs I started reading:¬† For School: Management Ink: A blog about organizational research articles recently published. For Social Media Advice: Julia Campbell.¬† A great (and easy to read) resource for people trying to figure out the Social Media marketing scene (that’s me.)¬† For my own enjoyment:A lot of great new blogs this year… but – I love the collaboration at the Storyline Blog, curated by Donald Miller.
  17. Favorite blog post I wrote:¬†Over at Connect Shore – 8 Things I think are true (but they aren’t!)
  18. First Speeding Ticket: Sadly, no more squeaky clean record for me.
  19. Proudest Moment(s): Got a Graduate Assistantship at Salem State for the ’12-’13 year! Ran a 5 Mile Race in May!
  20. 2 Most Important Life Realization: Physical organization can change your mood (so can time structuring, but I knew that): And prioritizing means knowing your core values and beliefs.
  21. Newest North Shore Green Space: Marblehead Audubon Bird Sanctuary (beautiful!)
  22. Best (and only?) Concert: Brown Bird. Banjos and Upright Bass ::swoon:: (Thanks Ellamy!)
  23. Most Surprising Event: Being Interviewed by Vera at TerraBlu Teams about my thoughts on Sustainability.
  24. Most Listened to (Non-Kid) Song: So Sleepy – by Fiona Apple
  25. Saddest Thing:My sister and her husband moved to Fitchburg, MA.¬† No more going over for lunch, less babysitting options –¬† BOO!
  26. Best North Shore Event: Ice Cream on the Salem Commons Рblogged here at Connect Shore.
  27. Best Family Trip: DeCordova Sculpture Garden – a surprise trip completely planned by my husband.¬† Beautiful! Can’t wait to go again another time.
  28. Longest/Shortest Books I read: G.R.R. Martin’s Clash of Kings (926 Pages) / R.B. Munger’s My Heart, Christ’s Home. (32 “pages” It’s what most people would call a ‘pamphlet.’)

Author: Beth M

I love new ideas & information, connecting people, and discovering New England adventures.

7 thoughts on “28 Superlatives to Celebrate 28 Years”

  1. Hey Beth! Happy belated birthday- I like this post and your other posts too. So in college maybe you learned you wanted to be an awesome blogger and you succeeded?

    1. Great, I look forward to it! One of the many reasons I love blogging – it’s so easy to look back and see the good things that happened, which also reminds you of the many things that didn’t get blogged about too.

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