Earth Day!

It’s Earth Day!  Research says that making a personal commitment, and then making it visible will help change your behavior.  Consider taking the following measurable and specific challenge for the next year.

I promise to bring 1 (or more) Reusable Bags with me whenever I go shopping.

Tips and Tricks to make your promise Easier. 

(Research also shows that if you want a commitment to stick – it’s not so much about stopping an action, it’s about replacing it with another action.)

  • Keep reusable bags in your car (at all times!)
  • If you live with more than one person – put someone in charge of “reminder” duty. This is a great job for a little one.
  • Buy the type of reusable bag you can add to your key chain, or stuff in your purse/backpack.
  • Add a sign to your dashboard (or back of your front door) that says “Did you remember your reusable bag today?”
  • AddActivist Abby” on facebook.  Information delivered straight to your newsfeed about just how ridiculously bad (and frivolous)plastic bag consumption can be.
  • Don’t approach it as an all-of-nothing task.  If you forget once or twice – just reuse the plastic bags you get.

What else are you doing to celebrate Earth Day?

I’ll celebrating by cleaning up trash at my local park during this week.

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Author: Beth M

I love new ideas & information, connecting people, and discovering New England adventures.

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