Recent Thoughts and Summer Plans

The semester ended not with a bang, but a whimper.

This is how graduate school has been for me thus far -no big rush to finals, just the steady taper down of long papers ending with a last conclusion, the ultimate period.  A single meeting attempts to encapsulate a semester worth of work.  Questions are not answered, but instead are revolved so that you can begin to pick away at them from another side, another perspective.

As I slowly reclaim the 25-30 hours a week I was spending on study and class much of it is taken up with the small joys of parenting, more elaborate cooking projects, and the neglected house cleaning.  But, not all.

At the beginning of the semester I decided I was going to blog less due to study pressures. Even though I have more time on my hands, I’ve still decided to continue posting a mere 3- 5 times per month. Other things have been beckoning me lately and require more attention.

You may notice I’ve done a little tweaking once again on this blog.  I read this book about re-branding by Dorie Clark – a timely read as I sit squarely in the middle of reinventing myself professionally, as my group blog project considers a new direction, and I am forced to once again evaluate my online presence.  I’m still all about life lessons and reflections here at All Growing Up, but I’ve attempted to re-organize by several of the other long-standing themes which stretch through the last 10 – 25 years of my life.

Love God. Love People. Live Sustainably. Read a lot. Blog a little.

Here’s how I see these things playing out over the summer.

Love God.

  • A return to scripture memorization.  Although I have mostly committed the Beatitudes to memory – the goal of 12 passages is… far from realized.
  • Plans and curricula for team – teaching Sunday School in the fall with a respected friend from church.
  • Service, Humility and Gratitude – three themes from reading through Luke that I hope to work on this summer.

Love People.

  • Reading this recent article about the most cost-effective ways to relieve third world poverty – and then putting some extra money toward good work this summer.
  • Celebrating family milestones like birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries.
  • Teaching E that we all work together as a family, and starting to plan for little chores that he can do.
  • Spending summer days with friends encouraging one another to grow, thrive, and live deeply.

Live Sustainably.

  • I’ve talked about how we cut our trash in half – but honestly, some of those accomplishments were low-hanging fruit.  Reading Bea Johnson’s blog and book has prompted me to make a list of 10 pernicious single-use-plastic things I can work to eliminate from our kitchen/home/lifestyle.  I’m sure I’ll talk about it later on. And seriously – girl makes Zero Waste look damn stylish.
  • Working on a blog project with Salem Recycles that I really hope goes somewhere.
  • Making connections with the Boston Area Sustainability Group.  Excited about new information and friends.
  • Promoting sustainability in my church.

Read a lot.

  • My main summer reading projects revolve around business/consulting classics such as: Flawless Consulting (P. Block), Competitive Strategy M. Porter), and Process Consultation (E. Schein). And how Sustainability relates to the workplace.
  • I’m also very excited about reading a couple recommendations from librarian and blogger Anna – like Rot and Ruin.
  • Part of working on sunday school curriculum also involves delving into the connections between theology, eco-theology and food.  All interests of mine.

Blog a little.

  • As noted, I’m attempting to divide my blogging emphasis between three outlets: All Growing Up. Connect Shore, and Salem Recycles.
  • Expect forays into micro-blogging – aka twitter. I only use it thus far to pass on links – but I’d love to actually create some content and experiment with it.
  • Looking for new blogs to read! – I’m searching for good Green blogs, and good business blogs in particular – do you have any suggestions?

So there you have it, a long to do list for the summer. It isn’t exhaustive – but I feel good about it.

And you? What have YOU been thinking about lately? I’d love to know!


Author: Beth M

I love new ideas & information, connecting people, and discovering New England adventures.

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