The types of books I think about writing

I think almost everyone has a book idea or two in the back of their brain.  It’s the rare person I find who doesn’t have something they’d like to communicate in  longform – whether it’s in words, pictures, or recipes.

Although I had to wade through years of psychological ennui to admit (aloud) that I only think about writing non-fiction, the times – friends – are changing in this regard.  Of course there’s been William Zinsser’s “On Writing Well” for several decades now, pointing in the direction of beautiful non-fiction writers, but it was somewhat subversive.  Now there’s the stamping and marching feet of the Common Core school standards which are sweeping children along to read more (as they so dryly dub them) “informational texts.”

I dream of writing books, but never fiction.

The types of books I think about writing:

– A year-long project, where the reader is pulled into my escapades as I oh – work on organic farms in England, or attempt to break into a totally new career field, or cook all of Julia Child’s recipes. (Wait… you say that’s been done already?)

– A book which posits a third way between two accepted ways of thinking for example – such as the foolish working/non-working mother debate.

– The type of popular psychology books I adore reading, explaining common concepts in a readable format.  Think of Sam Gosling’s Snoop, or Malcolm Gladwell’s Blink.


Author: Beth M

I love new ideas & information, connecting people, and discovering New England adventures.

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