30 Before 30 – Initial Thoughts

Yesterday was my half birthday – which means I’ve only got 18 more months before I turn 30.


It’ll be anticlimactic, since, as I told a friend recently, I’ve pretty much felt 30 since I had my son two years (and four months) ago anyway.  Living in Massachusetts – where over 30% of children are born to mothers over 30, can seriously skew your perception of the right age to have a kid.  Also of note, average female age for first marriage here is 29 here too.  Which begs the question, what’s the average age for first master’s degree?  Cause that’s the main reason for those other statistics.

Also this will be anticlimatic – because I’m an old soul.  At 22 I wanted to join a committee. (Seriously, what a geek.)  Finally, now that I’m 28 I can attend the meetings and happily realize I’m only a decade (and some change) younger than everyone else.

If you remotely follow lifestyle/reflective/ domestic-type blogs then you know that doing a 30 before 30 list is de rigeur. Seriously – just google it.  Therefore I’ve been thinking about this since, well, since right after I turned 25.

30 is kind of a big deal.  You’re sort of supposed to have your shit together by then.  Mostly.  And I’ve been working on it.  I’ve chronicled some of my life lessons here on this blog, mused on some of my Secrets of Adulthood. (There’s some overlap, obvs.)

Overall, I congratulate myself on my emotional maturity… but the hallmark of these 30 before 30 lists doesn’t have much to do with that kind of poise and self-reflection.  Nope – they focus on spectacular feats of athletic prowess, mental acumen, and also, predominantly wildly expensive lessons and trips.  Travel, paying off debts, buying houses, and money money money are biiiiggg features.  While I’m winning on the self-reflection end of things, life circumstances have pretty much stuck me (and the fam) in the lower quintiles of the economic scale. (For the time being, I tell myself.)

No trips to India for me. Boo hoo.

So, first thoughts on this list… I’d better focus on some free, or cheap things I want to accomplish.


Author: Beth M

I love new ideas & information, connecting people, and discovering New England adventures.

5 thoughts on “30 Before 30 – Initial Thoughts”

  1. Of course, when you ask most over 60 people what they wish they knew and did in their youth, the advice centers around fun, love, and being present. It’s the anxiety of youth that desires checking off the concrete: debt, car, house. But it seems like you abide by Oscar Wilde’s old adage: “I’m not young enough to know everything.”

    1. Definitely! I also love the quote (Plato? Socrates? I often get them mixed up) “The wise man knows he knows nothing.” Of course… in this day and age we’d probably call that a #humblebrag, since it suggest you’re backhandedly calling yourself wise. 🙂

      Also, old people can sit back and feel happy that they don’t have those money woes cause they checked them off in their youth.

      We’ll see what I come up with.

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