Further In and Further Up

I have a(nother) decent idea for a creative nonfiction memoir/self-help type book kicking around in my head.  I get those a lot.  Unsurprisingly it pulls together a lot of themes that I’ve blogged about over my 3(ish) years here at All Growing Up: coming of age, navigating the jump to web 2.0 and the idea of digital bilingualism (different from digital natives or digital immigrants), the importance of values, millenials, the frustration of not knowing what to do with your life… and so on.  I’m working slowly on refining the overwhelming amount of material I’d love to include in it.

One crazy thing I like to think about a lot is how deep life can be. My sister came up a couple weeks ago and asked me what life is like at 28.

Paraphrased conversation: Her “So besides take care of E what else do you do?” Me: “Oh you know, go to grad school, work part time, belong to a church community, hang out with my friends, volunteer with SalemRecycles. read a bunch.” Her: “That’s it huh?”

I’m 7 years older than her… which is a significant difference in terms of life experiences in your 20s.  But one thing I kept trying to impress on her is that the deeper you choose to know something, the more avenues it opens up – not fewer.



(Okay. I know almost nothing about Dr. Who. But even I’ve heard about the TARDIS – where the inside is bigger than the outside).

That was a huge paradox that I didn’t get for a long time.  I’ve always prided myself on having a wide range of interests, being, as St. Paul says “all things to all people.”  I like to know a little bit about a lot of things: farming or philosophy – the Cartesian coordinate system or the digestive system. I think the current way of the world (ie: let me google that for you) is made for people like me. It brings me pain when people bring up a topic and I have nothing to contribute to it – with google, I can make and form an opinion in the space of three articles.

I didn’t want to choose one thing to pursue – because I was afraid that this would somehow limit my options. However, I’m getting older and the truth is, you have to choose. Well, you have to choose if you want to contribute meaningfully.  An introduction to a topic may make for good cocktail conversation – but won’t serve you in making a significant impact.  Perhaps it’s my own subjective growing older experience… but I want to make an impact.


Author: Beth M

I love new ideas & information, connecting people, and discovering New England adventures.

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