New Years Resolutions 2014 – 6 weeks In

You know that question people always ask you – and it’s awful because the standard response conveys nothing?

How’s it going?!

And you reply “Good.”

And things are, in fact, going “good.”  Because, generally, most of us have pretty good lives most of the time (except for those 2 or 3 nagging problems everyone hits once in a while that seem to linger around for months: unemployment, 5 pounds to lose, and depression.)

So, for the most part – answering “Good” feels pretty accurate.  Because no one asks you “How’s it Going” when someone in the family dies, or they know you’re having a hard time – they only ask you when their confident you’ll reply good or great.

But, well, good doesn’t really happen to express how you’re mind was blown recently by reading a cool book, or how you’re puzzling over whether or not to apply for consulting internships.

And frankly, you, like me, are sure that you’re spiel of “how its going” is uninteresting to anyone but you. After all, by and large my inner monologue these days is “How can I explain to potential employers what Industrial Organizational Psychology is and why that makes me a good fit for their job.  And how can I explain this in under 5 minutes?”  Which, I know is boring, because I can see eyes glazing over and really can’t seem to cut down the explanation to under 5 minutes despite rehearsing in most of my free time. (Which is also why you don’t see more interesting blog posts around here).

Anyway – aside from that inner monologue, I realized it had been 6 weeks since New Years Resolutions so I thought I’d poke around at them and see what progress I’ve made.

New Years Resolution Review:

Better family communication: I figured the best way to tackle this was to start the year out by focusing on quantity.  I’ve been calling one sister every 10 or so days, and fbook chatting the other every week or so.  I’ve been commenting on sister-in-laws fbook page every week.  I still should call my mom more, at least 2x a month. Which, I can hear gasps out there because you realize, if twice a month is improving quantity, things are pretty dismal. I usually email my dad about topics rather than newsy personal information – which from what I gather by reading women’s magazines aimed at people my age, is pretty standard.

To work on in the next 6 weeks: Emailing my dad every 10 days. Sharing more pictures with family.  Setting up a family dinner.

Networking – In order to get a job: I was pretty busy over the last couple weeks. I only attended one event,but reached out to 3 people I respect for regarding common interests and asking for advice about internships and career.  I also applied to 2 internships, and have plans to apply to another 3-4 this week.  Currently I’m balancing how much effort I devote to “stretch” internships (which are highly competitive and recruit from bigger name schools) and to those I think I have a more reasonable chance.  I have been considering offering my 2c on LinkedIn groups more frequently, in an attempt to enter the public forum… but haven’t quite worked a good strategy for this yet.

To work on in the next 6 weeks: Join a professional association/ Attend a professional event.  Identify and apply to the rest of my “stretch” internships, then devote more time to achievable ones.  Reach out to 2 industry leaders I respect with targeting questions. Continue to work on cutting back that 5 minute speech to 3 minutes or less.

North Shore Trail Series – Dates are up for this year!  The first race is both earlier than I thought and longer than I expected – 10 Miler on April 12 – so about 8 weeks away.  Right now I’ve been at “maintenance” physical levels – which I consider exercising 3x per week for 40 minutes. I can easily run 3-4 miles, but much beyond 5 would by physically exhausting.  I downloaded Hal Higdon’s 15 Intermediate training plan and intend to follow it for the next 9 weeks as much as possible.

30 before 30 list: It’s shaping up – I’ve got about 26 items on the list.  You might recall I’m trying to make most free/cheap – because money’s an issue – otherwise visiting my sister in France would be on the list. Some are silly, most involve learning something new.  I’m excited to check off a bunch of stuff – serious shot of serotonin coming up.

By the way – What would you put on a list of things to do before you turned 30? Links appreciated.


Author: Beth M

I love new ideas & information, connecting people, and discovering New England adventures.

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