Flash Friday: Zentangle

Many bloggers do weekly round ups, one word or one picture posts, link-ups and plenty more. I’m considering the idea of a “Flash Friday.”  A snapshot of my life, whether in words or images, that illuminates some of the smaller moments of my life.

So much of my life, volunteering, and hobbies revolves around using the computer or writing words.  I’m highly word oriented, and love using the computer, so I’m not complaining that screens dominate.  But every now and then I remember that I should perform less pixelated activites.

In April I picked up a book called “Zentangle a Day” and I’ve been doodling in spare moments or just to relax. Zentangle involves combining “repetitive patterns of deliberative strokes” into a single image.  All you need is paper and an ink pen, though of course, there are certain recommendations given by the experts.  I’ve had a lot of fun progressing through the book, learning some of the ‘official’ and ‘unofficial‘ Zentangle patterns, which have funky names like “Pepper,” “Verdigogh,” or “Hollibaugh”  and am on “Day 16.”  To me, this art form is the perfect combination of structure and creativity.

You might consider tangling yourself up in this idea too.

Zentangle3  Zentangle2  Zentangle1  Zentangle4

PS. Feel free to check out my lil’ Pinterest board about Zentangle, and explore others designs there too.


Author: Beth M

I love new ideas & information, connecting people, and discovering New England adventures.

5 thoughts on “Flash Friday: Zentangle”

  1. I read a book about zentangle a couple years ago and really liked it. Love your designs! 🙂 Maybe I’ll have to check that out of the library again…

  2. Yes – I’m getting a lot of good ideas for making birthday cards and illustrating bible verses too. It’s fun. I’m realizing I’m way more likely to make a paper craft ever than a textile craft. (I mean… I did kind of know that already).

    1. My friend Madelene (the art therapist) does use this in her practice, but then again, so does another middle/high school art teacher friend of mine. So I guess it could go a lot of different directions 🙂

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