Snapshot at 31

Beth at 31.jpg
omg! So happy! but those wrinkles!

A short list of things I’m obsessed with lately:

Snyders flavored pretzels (particularly the hot buffalo wing)

Checking heavy books out from the library (haha, literally!)


Paying off student loans by August

Gathering more twitter followers organically (314! 316!)

Bullet journals

Moral Psychology


A short list of things I’m obsessed with always:

Taking assessments online (from buzzfeed to psychologically validated tools)

Polar seltzer

Productivity listicles and sites like My Morning Routine

Visiting green spaces in Massachusetts (Walden Pond)




The first 30 days of 30

In my first 30 days of being 30 I started on some new projects – like learning to play banjo, improving paltry my Excel skills, buying a smartphone and getting a job!  I also fought the same nemeses I grappled with in my twenties – lack of focus, despondency, days of purposelessness, flashes of anger.  Unfortunately I didn’t wake up on April 3rd I with flawless self-control, enduring positivity, and perfect poise.

Idly, I wondered about various immature things I still do – Should I still be putting my knees on the back of the pew at church and slumping during long sermons?  Staying up until 2:30 am reading fantasy novels?  On runs around the park I considered if the Christmas weight stuck with me because my metabolism slowed? Or because I eat dessert every day? What is with this tight calf muscle that won’t go away? Why do I still have all these pimples?

As I’m helping a professor with her tenure porfolio and sorting through conference presentations, professional memberships, and board obligations I’m impressed with her C.V. and consider my own short resume.  What are my priorities in for the next ten years? Are the ones I came up with a few years ago still relevant? Do I want to continue investing my time writing these blog posts or should I spend more time writing the rough draft of my eBook on career change in your 20s? Should I be reaching out to be on the board of a nonprofit the way I always have wanted?  Should I look for more speaking opportunities?

But so far, overall, I’m happy.

Flash Friday: No Bags in Bins!


Tuesday night was the monthly Salem Recycles meeting. Part of the meeting involves time to select a message and target a particular recycling issue that we will communicate over and over during the month.  We selected “plastic bags” as an area on which to focus this June.  Plastic bags are part of the the whole problem known as “single use.”

They are ubiquitous, yet transitory.  Plastic bags save us the trouble of remembering cloth or reusable bags, and in general are flimsier and contain only one or two items.

Although I’ve seen plenty of different statistics regarding the length of use, a range of 5-12 minutes of use is cited.  Yet, they can take as long as 500 to 1000 years to disintegrate.  Again, regarding how many people accumulate, numbers can range from the low 100s to 400/ year or more.

Furthermore – plastic bags, at least in Salem, MA. absolutely CAN’T be recycling in your recycling bin at the curbside.  Doing so contaminates the load of recyclables at the Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) It’s the equivalent of making a healthy salad for lunch, and then topping it with blue cheese dressing, cheese, meat, and croutons.

Be smart about plastic bags! #nobagsinbins.

Salem Recycles will have plenty more info this month in their newsletter, on facebook, and on the website.


Nonfiction Books I think you should read

Sometimes I scare myself with how much I love contributing in almost meaningless ways to the abyss that is the internet.

Take my Awesome Quiz!

50 popular Nonfiction books

I took 25 minutes of book quizzes on the listchallenges website.  Then I signed up for an account which took another 2 minutes. 50 minutes to create a list.  Then 12 minutes to photoshop a super awesome clickable photo.  Then another 10 minutes of hitting the refresh  button to see how many people were taking the quiz.

5 minutes to share on all my social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+) and finally, another 6 minutes to write an embarrassing time analysis of how I use the internet. 3 minutes to add the links and upload images.

Total: 113 minutes (1 hour and 53 minutes.  Holy crap.)

This is why I don’t want to be a stay-at-home-mom.  I’m afraid I’d do things like this all. day. long.

And convince myself it is productive and meaningful.