One Potato, Two Potato…

3 Potato 4.

I never would have noticed this tiny window tucked into the corner of Ben and Jerry’s on Washington Street in Salem.

Even with the arrow signs.


But, I was reading the ever-delightful North Shore Dish and figured out what 3 Potato 4 was.  (Shout out to them for the wonderful blog title post that I have decided to use as well.  Though the title of the business somewhat makes it an obvious choice.)

What is 3 Potato 4?

It’s a hole-in-the-wall (haha) organic – baked potato fry company which will bake you up some gosh-darn good fries in a finger-licking minute or three, and then have you on the sidewalk enjoying your wares and watching the crowds pass by on a beautiful Memorial Day in downtown Salem.

And these fries will be tasty enough for the whole family: you, the husband, and baby. (or whoever else might be in your family group.) Also, served without a smidge of worry that you’re providing something less nutritionally sound for your one-year-old.  Hooray for Potatoes.


Handmade Art for the Home in Salem.

Honestly, I hardly ever make it down Boston Street headed to Peabody, not my neck of the woods, I probably have driven on that street for well over 3 months.  But I was on my way to check out a cool local art gallery to celebrate March as Arts and Crafts month, and as I was driving I saw this:

I knew I had to check out the building:

This shop recently opened (in December) featuring handmade arts and crafts, jewelry, pillows, furniture, and plenty of other beautiful home arts.  The place has a cozy feel inside, friendly staff, and even a small corner of child-directed art.  Definitely a place to check out and find a new decoration for your home, or your baby’s nursery.  I’m so glad I was heading down to Peabody and saw this!

North Shore Cups and Cones

Yesterday I relished my first ice-cream-stand ice cream of the season.  On the site of what was five foot high snow drifts two months ago, myself and 10 others waited in line for scoops of Captain Dusty’s in Beverly Farms. .  And, the  Peanut Butter Fudge was worth it.  Ice cream stands and frozen yogurt eating are in my top-ten of life’s most enjoyable delights.  I’m certainly partial to certain establishments, but I love trying different places too.

Although I’ve been around the North Shore for about four years now, I first noticed Chandler’s Old Fashioned Ice near the North Shore Mall this winter.  A little internet research turns up that they’ve reopened after renovating for some years.   I suppose I’ll be checking them out pretty soon.

Ice cream is a recurring theme of mine.  I wrote about in this recent post when I first noticed Terry’s Ice Cream in Marblehead.  I haven’t been back yet, but I will be soon.  And last summer I attempted to eat every one of Dick And June’s Frozen Yogurt Flavors.  There are over 30 and I managed 18.  (That posts marks the start of the endeavor, but I ‘m proud to report I lost 5 pounds over the course of the summer, but my running friends and pick-up soccer had more to do with that than the Frozen Yogurt.)

In case you’ll be doing a little exploring, here is my Google Map of Ice Cream places of the Central North Shore. Most of these places are within a ten minute drive from my house, many I can walk to.  For me, this is an important part of ice cream as well.   So, if you know a place which serves up homemade ice cream, local ice cream, or is just a fantastic place to get ice cream and it’s in the Beverly, Salem, Danvers, Peabody area let me know.  (Please, no suggestions of Friendly’s, Dairy Queen, Rita’s, Ben and Jerry’s, or any other large scale ice cream places.)