30 by 30 Countdown

With 6 months to go I’ve completed 7/30 items on my #30by30 list. Read more to see which ones I’ve done, and which ones have been the most trouble.


My 30th’s birthday is 6 months away – and I’ve done… 7 things. On the bright side, between September 8 and October 8 has been my most productive month – I hit 4 of them!

Galaxy Hill 27 Galaxy Hill 42 Galaxy Hill 41 Galaxy Hill 40 Galaxy Hill 38

4 Goals I finished in the last month:

  1. Finished my Masters Degree – I turned in my last assignment midway through September and Friday October 10th I finalized my paperwork for graduation. Although I won’t officially be graduated till December, or get my diploma until March, or be able to walk until May… (seriously. All that is kind of depressing)…. I am done with the work part!
  2. Attended a Professional Conference – NEHRA conference in Worcester on October 8, and I heard some great speakers, learned some great tools in my field, and yes, came home with a fistful of business cards.
  3. Went on a Weekend Road Trip – A friend recently asked me “Can you ever have as much fun with your friends if you all bring along your kids too?” A weekend long trip to VT with my ConnectShore buddies answered the question with a resounding yes. At one point we foolishly all tried to sit down to an adult type dinner with candles. I lit the candles – with great expectations – and they were quickly extinguished.  But hikes in the woods, apple picking, eating and so.much.laughter. really made the weekend amazing.  Different fun… but still very fun.  (See the above photos!)
  4. Went to a Wine Tasting – I tried a weekly wine tasting with a friend in Salem.  It was less pretentious than I thought, but as Marta pointed out, they do it every week.  I’m not necessarily sure I expanded my knowledge of wine – but I was happy.

3 Goals I’m having the most trouble with right now:

  1. Learning 4 new functions on my camera – I found a meetup group to join… but then the focus started going wonky on my Nikon D3100.   I’ve been seriously procrastinating on getting it looked at because it seems like a hassle.
  2. Running the 66% of the North Shore Trail Series – I thought it would be good to put a percentage on this goal- since SMART goals are well, smart. But then… life happened and I can’t make the percentage goal.   So, I will only run 3 of the races this year. My younger self – my black and white self- would declare this a failure. My wiser, older, more moderate self sees that challenging myself to try and run trail races, something I haven’t done in 10 years, helped to reinvigorate my love of running.
  3. Deciding what to do with this blogI love blogging. I’ve blogged for a long time, even here at this site!  But… I see the world of blogging is so different now than it was 5, 10 years ago…. I just can’t decide if I want to keep it personal, launch a more professional site, or … just keep on keeping on in the way that I do.

2 Goals in progress right now that I’m really excited about:

  1. Becoming a mentor – I volunteered to be a mentor for a freshman undergrad student at Salem State, and although the first student I was paired with dropped out of the program, I’m still optimistic about being part of a way to give back to an educational institution where I had a positive experience and share some of my hard won career and life skills.
  2. Getting a job – After going to the conference and new connections, I’m more excited than ever to continue reaching out to others, researching positions, and (hopefully soon) getting some interviews.

1 Thing I’m keeping in mind

Sure I’ve only done 7 things… but like my friend Emily said over at Relishments a week or so ago about her 101 in 1001 days list”many of these items were too specific for who I was when I wrote it and as things changed in my life, the list didn’t.”

Plans and priorities shift, roles change, and sometimes a list just shows a past self you aren’t sure you still want to be. 

Some of these things won’t get done… but I’m still excited to see how many I can do.

Here’s to the next 6 months!

All Growing Up 30by30

The Last 2 Weeks of 2011

Well, there are 2 full weeks left of 2011.   The way they stand right now they will be full of celebration, gift giving, trying to fit in a few more “trips” on my list of family excursions, and putting the finishing touches on my New Years Resolutions. How Wonderful!  I love all those things.

Because I want to spend more time brainstorming and less time writing in the upcoming few weeks, I plan to take a short hiatus from writing blog posts.

This break springs out of my 2012 NYR to practice better blogging.  I want to step back and think fully on what this could mean in my blog for next year.   I’m still surprised that this blog has evolved into something that I really love doing.  However, there are 7 other NYR I want to flesh out more fully as well.  You can hear about them in January, when I’ll be interested in reading and hearing about other people’s goals and resolutions as well.

After Christmas I plan to post the 12 days of Christmas Crafts, a few of the things that I found time to make and bake and celebrate during our holidays at the household.  There will even be a showcase of a few things made for us by other people.  Following that, I will resume with what I hope to be a continually evolving blog – both thoughtful and interesting to myself and others.

Merry Christmas!

Life Autonomy and the Pursuit of Hospitality

Nothing comes easily, though some things come naturally.

I just made up that aphorism, or at least, I didn’t Google it first.  Along with my New Years Resolutions to drink more, hang up my clothes when I come home from work, and caretake, I have added to my resolves the at times bewildering task of pursuing hospitality.

It comes from a long tradition of realizing that life is lived better with intention, goal setting, and clearly articulated mission statements.  Though these things are forgotten at times, and I have to come back around to them after neglecting these healthy thoughts in favor of junk food single serving gratification, inevitably I do.

Pursuing hospitality can mean spending money, but also valuable time.  It can mean cleaning out the large tupperware container at my house containing diamond hard marshmallows and making a list of things to put into a “Let’s have a fire at my house” box.  It can mean reminding myself to get birthday gifts, write cards, and shop for others.  It is remembering to send a card, ask to participate in someone’s favorite activity, which may certainly not be mine.  It may mean all of these things being forefront at my mind, at times when I want nothing else but to do only what I want.  How difficult!  How hard.

But the payoff is big, and the first fire of the year at my house was a success, and the third journey to Dogtown was a success, and the first trip to Beverly’s Dick and June’s for a wonderful Banana Chocolate froyo was a success as well.  And all of these activities counted toward pursuing hospitality.